Last week was “Child Welfare Worker Appreciation Week” and I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to thank all of our Child Welfare Workers out there. Judge Irwin has said how he’d love to be able to close the doors of Juvenile Court, for there not to be a need for the work that’s done in this building. Sadly, that’s not the case today. With over 700 Knox County children in State’s custody, we need Child Welfare workers now more than ever. While I wish that children never needed to be removed from their homes, the truth of the matter is that it’s a necessary part of the world that we live in. We need people to investigate child abuse; we need people to help place children in safe homes; we need people to work towards helping children find permanency through reunification and adoption; we need people to take care of children when their families aren’t in a position to do so. It’s hard work and it often goes unnoticed and un-thanked. To all of our DCS and CPS friends out there, please know that we see you – we see your hard work, your giving hearts and your tireless commitment to our kids. Thank you for all that you do and for being the heroes in this work every day!!