Did you know that Tennessee is one of 11 states where 10-12% of our children are considered in deep poverty? Nationally, this number is lower, reflecting only 9% of young children living in deep poverty. This information is captured in a new report released by the National Center for Children in Poverty, Young Children in Deep Poverty: Racial/Ethnic Disparities and Child Well-Being Compared to Other Income Groups. In summary, this report compares health, development and risk indicators for young children in poverty with the same indicators for young children in other groups. Further, the report details disparities in the prevalence of deep poverty across five racial/ethnic groups, nationally and state by state. The NCCP makes recommendations of the implementation of two-generation approaches to support parents and to ultimately have a positive outcome on our children. At Safe Baby Court, we hope we are making a difference as we work to support parents and address intergenerational trauma while keeping in mind the social determinants of health and the impacts those have on the families we serve.